Sunday, January 29, 2012

More on Includes File from my friend James

My friend James, who has a very big brain, often tells me additional tidbits about things that I have blogged about. So here again, he has added some additional insight; I hope he won't mind my quoting him:

I've used this for quite some time... particularly useful when you have a concurrent request or a form that performs poorly... you can search using "includes file" in order to figure out if there is simply a newer version of that report/form.  Based on the results, you could then (potentially) deduce that maybe there might have been a performance fix that would solve your problem.

Oh my gosh, what an excellent point. James' idea is actually a nicer way of looking for new performance improvements than what I would have done, basically trolling around on My Oracle Support using keywords and such to see if a performance improvement was mentioned for a particularly troublesome report.

Thank you James!

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